About us

Verstegen is world's leading manufacturer of rope operated mechanical grabs for the dry bulk industry. Stevedoring  companies, port authorities as well as steel works and power plants are using our grabs for handling all kinds of bulk materials. More than 10.000 Verstegen grabs operate in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Dedication to grabs

Verstegen is specialised in designing and building of grabs. Our people are continuously working to develop and build the most efficient and cost-effective grabs. Besides the standardised product range, Verstegen also develops unique solutions for specific situations and customer needs.

Verstegen philosophy

For fast and efficient unloading, a grab is one of the most important tools. In order to get high unloading rates, the grab must be extremely reliable with a high productive capacity. Furthermore each grab should be custom built for the material it has to handle and the unloading situation in which it has to operate.

High capacities and low dead weights

In order to obtain the highest productive capacity, a grab should have the highest possible volume without unnecessary dead weight. This is only possible with a good and well proven design and the use of the best possible materials. To increase strength and minimise wear, each Verstegen grab is provided with shells completely made of high tensile wear resistant steel. The friction in the articulation points is absolute minimal because of an excellent bearing system.

A different grab for each bulk material

Each material has its own specific properties and a grab must be adjusted to these properties. A grab that will work perfect in coal, can have great difficulties whilst handling iron ore. Through a large experience and know how, Verstegen has developed a number of grab models, especially designed for common bulk materials (coal, iron ore, agribulk, fertiliser, phosphates, ..). Besides grabs for above materials, we have special solutions available for other bulk materials with specific properties.