Biomass, like wood pellets and wood chips are relative new bulk materials with specific properties that require specific solutions in terms of production and dust control. Verstegen developed special grabs for handling these materials in a fast and efficient way.

Extreme high grab volumes

Wood chips are very light and grab volumes have to be very high to achieve a good payload. Grab capacities up to 60 M3 are no exception. Because wood chips are not free flowing and can be difficult to penetrate, Verstegen developed a special grab model with removable teeth on the lower lips and extra closing force. The large grab volume in combination with a low dead weight requires a strong structure. To maintain the structure of the grabs Verstegen uses Hardox steel for building the complete grab shells.

Dust control

Grabs for handling wood pellets and wood chips are equipped with high enclosed environmental friendly shells. The upper side can be further closed with pyramid covers to control dust problems even further.