Coal and cokes

When handling coal high production rates are very important. Verstegen coal grabs offer high capacities and low dead weights. Nowadays high enclosed models for environmentally friendly unloading are the most popular grabs.

High production rates

Normally coal is handled in large volumes and high production rates are very important. The materials are normally easy to grab and because of the relative low densities, grab volumes can be quite high. Because Verstegen builds the complete shells from Hardox steel the grabs are much stronger with a lower dead weight. Hardox steel keeps the structure in shape without deformation.

Increased safety and easier maintenance

The high volumes result in bigger grabs and for higher safety of the operational people and easier maintenance, the grabs are often provided with a central greasing system. The system ensures a good greasing of the whole upper structure without having to climb the grab.

Environmentally friendly design

To minimise material loss and environmental pollution most coal grabs have high enclosed model shells. Overlapping lips can reduce material loss even further and reduce maintenance.