Fertiliser and Phosphates

For handling fertiliser and phosphates it is important to keep material loss and environmental polluttion to an absolute minimum. The Verstegen high enclosed model grabs with optional sealing systems on the lips are the best solution.

High enclosed shells

Most fertilisers are relative light, fine and free flowing and special attention must be paid to the grab design to minimise material loss and environmental pollution. Verstegen recommends special environmentally friendly grabs with high enclosed shells for handling these materials. The high enclosed shells protect the material against the wind and sudden movements of the grab.

Different sealing systems

For very fine and free flowing materials, special knife sealing systems can be installed to stop the material flow completely. please contact us to discuss the different options and our recommendations.

Easier maintenance

Like all other Verstegen grabs, these grabs can also be equipped with a central greasing system. The system saves a lot of time and makes maintenance more simple and safer.