Materials like grain, cereals , corn and wheat are very light and easy to grab which leads to very high volume grabs. Verstegen agribulk grabs have very high capacities for fast and efficient handling The grabs have high enclosed shells to minimize material loss.

High grab capacities

Materials like grain, cereals , corn, wheat and sugar and very light and normally easy to penetrate. Verstegen agribulk grabs have low dead weight and high volumes.  The materials are in general easy to penetrate and grabs with little closing force can be used. Because the material is very light, the grab volumes are often very high, which demands a lot of the grab structure. To maintain the structure of the grabs Verstegen uses Hardox steel for building the complete grab shells.

Minimal material loss

The high enclosed shells protects against the influence of wind so the light cargo is not blown out of the shells. Some materials, like sugar and certain seeds can be very fine and free flowing . Special lips ensure a good sealing for these materials.