Scrap metal

Iron scrap is probably the most difficult material to handle, because scrap comes in all sizes and shapes and is never the same. Verstegen developed extreme strong grabs with relative low dead weights to combine extreme strength and durability with high production rates.

Shredded scrap

Shredded scrap is old steel scrap, fragmentised into pieces not exceeding 200 mm in any direction. Because the material is easy to penetrate, the orange peel grab will pick up a larger volume than the designed scale capacity. Because of the high closing forces, the material is strongly compressed inside the scales which results in higher densities.


Heavy scrap is much more difficult to handle than shredded scrap. Because of the large pieces it can be difficult to penetrate the material and the forces acting on the grab can be very high. Verstegen orange peel grabs for HMS I-II are provided with heavy duty shells made from Hardox steel constructed with open model scales for better penetration.