Ship unloaders

Ship unloaders are the traditional way to unload large amounts of bulk materials. Verstegen builds high capacity clamshell grabs for ship unloaders from 20 ton up to 85 ton.

High unloading rates

Ship unloaders are normally used for handling materials like coal, iron ore and bauxite. The (rail mounted) unloaders are designed for handling large amounts of bulk materials. Short cycle times in combination with high capacity clamshell grabs offer high unloading rates and high efficiency. Free digging rates up to 3000 tph are no exception.
Gantry type grab unloaders incorporate a hopper that feeds the bulk materials direct to a conveyor belt system. The hoppers can be equipped with spraying devices or suction systems to minimise dust emission.

Rotating system

Ship unloaders are often supplied with a 90° grab-rotating system, so the grab can work with a longitudinal opening direction as well as with a transversal (cross) direction. Grabs must be specially designed to work with a rotator system.