Harbour cranes

Port cranes or harbour cranes come in different designs. The most popular cranes are rail mounted level luffing cranes. Verstegen grabs handle all kinds of bulk materials on harbour cranes from 5 ton up to 63 ton.

Different types of harbour cranes

In most ports you can find rail mounted harbour cranes with a single jib or double jib design. Single jib cranes have a simpler construction and are lighter than double jib cranes. The cranes can be used for efficient handling of various bulk materials.

Level luffing cranes

Level luffing cranes (or double jib cranes) have a horizontal path for the load. During the luffing of the crane, the grab stays at practically the same height. This level luffing principle allows simple and precise positioning of the grab and offers high production rates. The cranes can have very high capacities. Kangaroo cranes have an integrated bunker and can be very suitable for semi-automatic operation.

High capacity grabs for harbour cranes

Level luffing cranes with capacities of 30, 40, 50, 63 or even higher capacities are possible. With these cranes high unloading rates can be achieved. Verstegen has delivered many grabs for these larger cranes.