Clamshell grabs Optimal designed for common bulk materials

Clamshell grabs are used for normal free flowing bulk materials. Verstegen has developed a range of grabs optimal designed for common bulk materials. For other materials with specific properties we have developed a number of special solutions.

Optimised clamshell grabs

Over the years Verstegen developed a wide of range of clamshell grabs. In order to offer the most suitable grabs, we require information about the materials to be handled, the crane on which the grabs has to operate and your unloading situation.

High productivity

The purpose of a grab is to handle large volumes of bulk material in a fast and efficient way. A good design in combination with the use of high-tensile wear resistant steel as well as an excellent bearing system, makes it possible to design and build very strong grabs with relative low dead weights and high productive capacities.

Reliable and durable

In order to improve the strength and extend the lifetime, the shells of all Verstegen grabs are completely made of wear resistant steel with a hardness of 450HB.