Dredging grabs

Verstegen has a long history in building grabs for underwater operations. Different grab models are available for different operations.

Dredging and digging grabs

For underwater operations Verstegen offers grabs for maintenance dredging (mainly silt and mud) and special grabs for digging operations (clay and hard ground layers). The grabs are available in two and four rope versions.

Smooth shells

The inner side of the shells are smooth without any abrupt transitions. This minimises resistance during digging into the bottom and also makes it easier to unload sticky materials, like clay and mud.

Different types of cutting edges (shell lips)

The grab’s lower lips can be delivered with contact lips without teeth. For hard layers and different to penetrate materials, we recommend lips with teeth. There are bottom lips with removable or exchangeable teeth and lips with permanent teeth (cut from the bottom lips).  Permanent teeth (cut into the bottom lips) are very suitable for extreme hard layers.