Single rope grabs

A special grab in the extensive range of Verstegen grabs, is the single rope grab, especially designed for cranes with one single drum.

Ready for operation

Single rope grabs are normally used when port cranes are not available and ship board cranes must be used. Most of these ship cranes are single drum cranes that cannot operate 2- or 4-rope grabs. In these cases Verstegen single rope grabs can be a good solution. the grabs can be connected to any crane. The only thing you have to do is to hook the grab on a crane with sufficient lift capacity and your grab is ready for operation.

Three opening systems

Most of our single rope grabs are provided with a mechanical hook system to secure the closing of the grab. To open the grab, this mechanism must be uncoupled. Besides the completely mechanical grabs with a touch-and-go opening system, there is a manual opening system (by pulling a tagline) and a remote control opening system.