Trimming grabs

For heavy and coarse materials, Verstegen trimming grabs are the most efficient solution. Trimming grabs are in operation for handling coarse materials like stones, ferro-chrome, pig iron, DRI and HBI.

Wide opening and horizontal closing path

Trimming grabs are special grabs with a very wide opening and large footprint which is extremely efficient during cleaning-up operations. Because the shells have a “horizontal closing path” the bulk material is “scraped together”, instead of taking a bite out of the material. This makes it possible to ensure a good filling of the grab without having to penetrate the material. A special application for trimming grabs are dredging operations. The horizontal closing path makes it possible to work in layers and create an even surface.

Specific materials

Because of the extreme large opening of the shells, trimming grabs have a very large “footprint”, which also offers advantages during cleaning up operations. Trimming grabs are normally used for materials like pig iron (pyramid shaped), furnace slag, HBI, stones and ore lumps and other coarse materials (up to ±300 mm).