1. Clamshell Grab for wood chips

    How to handle wood chips

    Wood chips become more and more popular as an alternative energy source and are transported in large amounts across the globe. Verstegen developed a better solution for handling wood chips in a fast and efficient way.

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  2. Verstegen grabs for sticky materials

    Handling sticky materials like nickel ore, wet bauxite, clay and wet iron ore can reduce productivity enormous and lead to dangerous situations. Below pictures show what can happen when handling these materials with standard grabs.
    Please note these two grabs are not Verstegen grabs.

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  3. Orange Peel Grab Handling Scrap

    Scrap handling with orange peel grabs

    Most orange peel grabs are used for handling iron scrap. Scrap comes in different shapes and sizes. All these kinds of scrap result in different requirements for the optimal grab. We at Verstegen invest a lot of effort in optimizing our grabs for the best performance.

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