Special maintenance assistance

Verstegen assists customers all over the world with their maintenance programs. This assistance is performed in many forms, dependant on the different needs of the customer.

The most important goal of maintenance is to prevent stagnation of the customers operation. The second goal is to keep the equipment in good operating condition.

The only way to achieve this is preventive maintenance. This means planning the down time, based on the specific use and the operating schedule of the grabs.
This preventive maintenance consists of four important steps:

  1. Planning the maintenance and down time of the grabs.
  2. Regular inspection of vital parts is crucial. This inspection can be divided into three areas:
    • Checking the construction of the grab for damage like cracks and deformations.
    • Inspecting all moving parts like bearings, rollers and closing ropes.
    • Measurement of the wear areas like knives, scales plates and strengthening plates.
  3. Ordering all necessary parts and modules to carry out repairs.
  4. Carrying out the repairs within the planned down time.

Verstegen can advice and carry out these programs for customers around the globe.

Please contact us for a proposal tailored to your specific situation.